Junior Music Course

Junior Music Course

Ages of Students: 4 and 5 year olds
Class Length: 50 minutes
Class Schedule: One class per week (6-month sessions)
Parent participation: Required (participation enables parent to be an effective “at home” learning partner)

Curriculum: The in-class musical experiences nurture creativity and help instill the basis for playing and expression through feeling and understanding music. Lesson contents include:

Hearing: Listening to wonderful music helps children:

Musical Note Develop emotional sensitivity
Musical Note Develop an ear for music
Musical Note Feel and express music in time rhythmically

Singing: Children love to sing! Singing develops:

Musical Note Self expression
Musical Note Correct tempo, rhythm, and pitch
Musical Note Understanding of note names

Playing: Performing songs introduces children to the joy of expressing music by themselves. Playing also helps students:

Musical Note Get familiar with the five-line staff and keyboard
Musical Note Express music with both hands

Creating: Junior Music Course experiences cultivate children’s:

Musical Note Musical creativity
Musical Note Sense of harmony