School Year Rental Packages, Saxophone

A la carte Essentials Package Great Start PackageMusic Lover Package
Saxophone $180 
Deposit $100
Maintenance kit (Yamaha) $27
Music stand $29
Reeds, 3-pack$10
Book (Standard of Excellence) $7
Care plan $45
4 Private lessons (1 month) $160

24 Private lessons (6 months) $960

$353 $558 $1,358
Our price
$329 $499 $1,169
$24 $59 $189

Additional Upgrades Available

  • New instrument: add $10/month (+ $90 additional deposit)
  • Yamaha saxophone: add $20/month (+ $120 additional deposit)
  • New Yamaha saxophone: (not available for rent)


  • Monthly rentals available from $15/month

Care plan

We’ll perform any service necessary to keep your instrument in proper playing condition, including parts and labor. This includes tuning, replacing broken strings, setting up bridges, replacing pads, adjusting keys, cleaning sticky valves, etc. This doesn’t cover:

  • Fire, theft, total loss or damage. 
  • Any condition that does not affect the playing performance.
  • Consumables that would be used in the normal operation or upkeep, like reeds, oils, rosin, etc.
  • Accessories, like shoulder rests.
  • Damage to brass instruments and mouthpieces caused by forced removal of mouthpiece.